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Welcome to the Scenic Rim group of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, established informally in 2009, awaiting incorporation as a formal branch (meeting will be held mid-2010 - let us know if you'd like to be involved).

The Scenic Rim is part of Australia's third most bio-diverse region, and with many habitats supporting a wonderful array of wildlife.
Our primary aims are essentially to:

  • Enhance the awareness of local residents and others of the wonderful diversity of wildlife in our region, the fascinating behaviours and ecological interactions they display, and the curious, appealing and simply beautiful and appearance of so many
  • Promote an understanding of the needs of wildlife in our region and what can be done by individuals, governments and businesses to ensure their survival well into the future.
Our major theme for the past few months has been and for a while will continue to be Animals Have to Move. Conservation is not as simple as just putting a fence around a reserve or legally protecting species: their travel needs can complicate efforts at conservation management

Let us know also if you would like to be involved in field surveys, as up-to-date accurate information is essential for effective conservation management needs, or if you have any content (wildlife observations, educational links ...) you would like to contribute to these pages.

You may also like to join WPSQ and become a formal member of our branch.

Non-members are welcome to our meetings and excursions. Let us know if you'd like to be on our mailing list for meetings and outings and general electronic discussion of wildlife and its conservation.

We are interested in your views what activities people in our region would like to participate in during the common months. You can assist us by completing this confidential on-line questionaire

Season's Greeting to you all

Coming Events - details on this page

Please let us know what activities you would like and where you would like them in our confidential 2-minute survey

Wildlife Week at O'Reilly's 16 - 22 January 2011
Switchathon at O'Reily's 29 - 31 January


Geographically, the 'Scenic Rim' refers to an arc of mountainous regions just over 100km south and west of Brisbane, adjoining the NSW border to the south and meeting the Gold Coast to the east.
Formed by three ancient volcanoes, it has rich soils and varied topography and is one of the most species-rich regions of Australia.
The Scenic Rim Shire encompasses most of this region except for the more northerly areas (Ipswich and Toowoomba councils), plus low-lying country enclosed in the arc, and includes Beuadesert, Boonah, Tamborine Mountain, Lamington National Park and other areas as shown on the Scenic Rim Map.

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