Derek, Nicole's husband and Margaret's brother passed away suddenly on Saturday 21 August 2010

Baby has arrived

Nicola and Luke Nicola and Lucas Luke Lucas Alexander Gordon Craig

Lucas growing up

LucasNovember 2004 Lucas Lucas

1Nicola and Lucas 2Lucas

in Sydney

3Dylon 4Natalie and Dylon

Milford Sound, NZ

Derek and LucasDerek and Lucas Lucas in daffodils Lucas in daffodils

lucas in rockLucas in rock Nicola with Lucas Nicola with Lucas Derek with Lucas Derek with Lucas

Holiday in Europe

near the Eifel Tower europe europe 2 in the pool 2

The birthday party

birtday party in the pool

New Baby girl 'Sasha' born 15 May 2007


December 2007

with car two around the table

July 2009 - Sasha and Lucas

Sasha and Lucas Sasha and Lucas

1-4-2009 1-9-2009

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