A series of photos of the Parkview Bushcare Group's activities Click the images to enlarge

Entrance to Parkview Park.

Map of Parkview Park (portion 238, an area of 133 ha was added recently)

History and description of portion 238

Parkview Park, now incorporating portion 238 was renamed in March 2001 to Cornubia Forest Park

A gumtree in Parkview Park used by Koalas A Koala sleeping in the Park

Two species of rare and endangered plants in the Bush Corridor "Adriana glabrata v.subglabra".

A group photo of Parkview Bushcare Group volunteer workers at a pre Christmas party.

At the Christmas party for all our Bushcare Groups in Logan City.

In the park at the Christmas party we found these birds (Frogmouths) in a tree nearby, they blend in and remain very still to avoid detection.

Hennie practising herbicide control.

Photo's from the Volunteers March May 2001

The Sign Margaret