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Family: Two Daughters One Son... five adorable grandchildren

City: Brisbane Queensland Australia

Work: Freelance writer and Tutor U3A Creative writing. We self published a book of poetry. Writing forum host on 50plus website.

Hobbies: Writing; Computer and Music

My Dream: Would be to live in Canada, because it has been a deep desire all my life. I am sure I left my heart there when I visited many years ago. Also to write a BEST SELLER

Travels: Egypt; Hong Kong; UK; Canada; U S A; Texas; Dubai; Bangkok; Scotland; Wales; Greece, Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

I am Originally from Sussex and lived in Kent UK.

Emigrated to Australia 30yrs ago and now live on the coast of Moreton Bay Queensland.

I love to write and have written since I first held a pen in my hand ...

I can write in any genre and have many stories and poems published in Magazines. I self published a book of my own poetry Titled ‘A POSY OF VIOLETS.’

I am a contributing author in the book ‘FORGETMEKNOTS FROM THE FRONT PORCH’ published in USA last year by Obadiah Press. (My story is WAR THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD.)

I have completed my first novel a Murder abduction story and a publisher in USA is showing interest. I am now writing my second novel.

My favourite writing would be Children’s stories and I have written many for my grandchildren.

Violet Hall (Apted)

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